of simple presbyopia

In order to correctly assess the extent of the nature of a visual defect, a quote is required eye exam. The preassembled reading glasses are a quick and practical device for correction of the SIMPLE PRESBYOPIA which affects a large percentage of people over 45.
Proposed in 5 diopters:
+1, +1,5, +2, +2,5, +3


Blue (-violet) light is everywhere, even indoors, produced by screens and monitors.
There is evidence to suggest that long-term exposure to blue-violet light can contribute to causing photochemical damage to the retina, increasing the risk of macular degeneration over time (known as 'blue light risk').
MOSCACIECA reading glasses have lenses with a protective treatment capable of reducing in significantly blue light.


Photochromic are lenses that, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiate a reversible chemical reaction and darken. The process is reversible so that in the absence of UV or sunlight they become transparent again. This peculiarity makes reading glasses perfect both indoors and outdoors.


MOSCACIECA is the eyewear that responds to the most current and most transversally widespread trend in yours product category.
Technically we are talking about a classic shape, called PANTOS , which made the fortune of most iconic brands in the eyewear world.
A trendy UNISEX style, capable of covering most faces in shapes and sizes. Fresh and youthful colors.
The frame is made of polycarbonate, a resistant and long-lasting material. The temples are fitted with a FLEX hinge , with the spring, in order to have a comfortable fit and ergonomic.
The FLY on the end of the auction is the unmistakable sign of the product's originality.

The package rigid in cardboard, contains a convenient microfibre bag to use as an excellent cloth for cleaning glasses.

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